Favoriting a Provider

Takl’s Favorites feature lets you request Takl jobs directly from a Provider you know or have used before. As with all Takl jobs, the work you request through Favorites is backed by the Takl Guarantee. Our Support team is also here to help, 7 days a week from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm Central Time. 

How to add a favorite Provider:

There are two ways you can add a Provider to your Favorites list:

  • To favorite a Provider before the job is complete, select the Favorite icon beside the communication and +Add Work buttons.
  • To favorite a Provider after the job is complete, click on the “My Jobs” section, select the job, then select the heart icon to add the Provider to your Favorites.

How to schedule with a favorite Provider:  

  • Select the Favorites icon in the mobile app.
  • Next, select the Provider you would like to complete your job and submit your job details. 

*Please note you may not see a Provider on your Favorites list if they are currently unavailable for jobs. If the Provider does not have the “skill” enabled for the job you are requesting, they will also be unable to view the job.

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