How do I upload photos to my computer?

Photos help give Providers a sense of how they should prepare for a job and whether they are capable of completing the chore in a timely manner.

Reference the following steps to send a picture to your email with your phone or your computer.


  • Open your text messages and create a new message with your email address as the recipient.
  • Attach the photos of your chore and click send.


  • Open your email that the photos were just sent to.
  • On the bottom of the images, click the download button (typically a down arrow button with a line under it).
  • When you get to the upload photos screen on your online order, simply select your download folder where the images were just saved and upload the photos.

These will appear in your Downloads folder. If you have trouble locating this folder, you can search "Downloads" or open up your computer's File Explorer.


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