Promo Codes

How do I access past (redeemed) codes or add new (unredeemed) codes to my account?
Go to "Settings" > "My Promo Codes" 
(Note: Promo Codes are case sensitive. )
How do I apply a promo code to a chore?
Before you select Find Me Providers, review the last page of scheduling a chore and select "My Promo Codes" from the drop-down box. Here, you can access your list of unredeemed promo codes already added to your account.  Select one of the unused codes for your current chore. After you apply the code in the drop-down box, you will see a new discounted price.
How do Sign Up Credits work?
Occasionally our Marketing Department releases sign-up credit promo codes, which are automatically redeemed to new users’ accounts.  However,  when scheduling a new chore, you will still need to apply the specific promo code by using your "My Promo Codes" drop-down box.    
What about the expiration dates of my promo codes?
All unique Takl promo codes and sign up credits are "limited time offers" and are subject to expiration dates that still apply even if the chore is later canceled and then rescheduled. Expired promotional codes cannot be applied to a rescheduled chore - unless the chore was canceled because of "no Providers responding", "Provider unresponsive", or "inclement weather."
Can promo codes be used on ALL chores?
Not all chores are eligible for promo codes.  Promo codes CANNOT be applied to the following:
1. “Add Work” chores


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