How does While You're at It work?

When you have a provider that you trust already on a job, you may want to engage them to do other chores and tasks around your house. Because of this, we have a feature that allows you to easily request more chores and tasks for the provider to perform. Providers receive 90% of all "While You're at It" jobs.

At Takl, we call these the "While You're at It" jobs. When you finish approving your regularly scheduled job, you will be prompted as to whether they would like the provider to provide any further chores.If the provider is available for more work, you can then select another job for them to do right there on the spot. 

How to add a "While You're at It" job:

1. After finalizing the completed job and the option is shown to add more chores for your provider, select "Yes"

2. Fill out the details, then take and upload two pictures of the "While You're at It" job.

3. Click "Submit" and sit back while your provider gets started!


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