Why do I have to add a photo to my chore?

We believe photos really are worth a thousand words! We see it daily in the amazing Takl job transformations happening across the country.
  • Before photos help Providers by giving them a sense of how they should prepare for a job and whether they are capable of completing the chore in a timely manner.
  • Your name and address are not shown to potential Providers. This information is only visible to the confirmed Provider you choose for the job (and not until 2 hours before a scheduled chore).
  • Before photos really do save you time and allow our pre-pricing model to work smoothly. With Takl's on-demand platform, there is no waiting for quotes or estimates.
  • Photos also help our Support team in the event you need further assistance. When a Provider arrives, they take their own before photos as well as after photos to show their completed work. This helps ensure your job goes as smoothly as possible!


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