Why do I have to give the app certain permissions?

As you begin to use the Takl app, you will see some prompts to grant us certain permissions for functionality on your device. Our top priority is making sure we keep your data safe and secure. We will never make use of any of these permissions without explicit action by you during the normal use of the app. Here's why we ask for app permissions:


If you opt in to using Location Services during the registration process, the app will collect and send location data to Takl's servers to make the chore request process simple for you. We facilitate chore and provider selection using your current location, and use your location information for analytics purposes at an aggregated level so that we can continue to learn and make our user experience better.


You'll see a request to access your camera when you add a photo to your Takl profile. We use camera access to allow you to take and upload a profile photo and to take and add photos to your chore request.


You'll see a request to access your Photos when you attempt to add an existing photo to your profile or to your chore request.

Push Notifications

Ahh... Push Notifications. We won't spam you with notifications - promise! You'll see a request to send you Push Notifications after registration but before you request your first job. We use Push Notifications to send you updates on your requested chore and provider through the Takl app.

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