When will I get paid?

At Takl, Providers can choose how quickly they get paid. Choose the option below that works best for you.

Instant Payout:

  • Debit Card required
  • Paid out instantly* (after the customer approves the completed job)
  • 5% fee charged on the total “Provider Payment” (includes tips and disposal fees)

Standard Payout:

  • Checking Account required
  • Takes about 3 business days to process a payout
    • Providers will, therefore, receive payment for jobs they do three business days after the customer finalizes the payment.
  • Sometimes the first transaction can take up to 7 business days.

You can change your preferred method of payout at any time using the Provider Dashboard and clicking “Payment Info” in the left sidebar. Once you change your pay method the previously saved payment information will be removed. For example, if you switch from Standard Pay to Instant Pay, the bank account information will need to be re-added if you decide to go back to Standard Pay. Please be aware that if you have any pending standard payouts before you change to Instant Pay, those will still deposit in the standard 3 business days.

*Not all banks support Instant Pay. Please click here to see if your bank is listed. Keep in mind that Instant Pay, just as all other Takl payments, is not processed until the Customer has finalized the job. In some cases this can take up to 24 hours.

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