How do I report an accident or safety incident?

If you were involved in a safety-related incident or are in a situation that you believe threatens your personal safety, seek medical attention or call the authorities by dialing 911 or your local non-emergency assistance line if necessary. Afterward please report it to Takl directly so our Field Operations Team can follow up.

Drugs and Alcohol

Takl has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for all Providers. If you suspect that a Takl Provider is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please remove yourself from any situation you deem dangerous, then contact us.


To keep everyone in our community comfortable, Takl has a strict "No Weapons" policy. This means that if any Provider or customer possesses a weapon in plain sight during a job, regardless of whether possession is legal where they are, they will be removed from the platform. We want to be sensitive in our community - it’s hard to know what someone else is or isn't comfortable with. The presence of a weapon might make another community member distressed, and Takl is devoted to keeping our Providers and customers secure and comfortable. If you witness possession of a weapon on a Takl job, please let us know.


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