What are the guidelines for an approved profile photo?

Your profile photo is the first thing a customer sees when choosing a Provider to complete a job, so we want to help ensure it looks great!

Here is an example profile photo that should be uploaded to your Provider Dashboard:


Once uploaded, your profile image will be processed and added to your Provider profile. Some things to remember when taking your Provider photo:

  • No hats, sunglasses, or headsets. Customers want to be able to see your pretty face so do not obscure it with any items.
  • Smile and say cheese! Show off your friendly side by giving a nice, big smile in your photo.
  • Find a well-lit location to take your photo. Your photo will turn out best if you can take your photo in a place where the light is even, so it is not too bright or too dark. 
  • Find a solid background to take your photo. We suggest standing in front of a wall to help avoid shadows.
  • Frame your entire head and the top of your shoulders. Have your photographer take a few steps back, center your head in the box and get the top of your shoulders in the frame. This is the toughest part but we know you can do it! 
  • No blurry or black and white photos. Customers need to see you clearly.
  • No face filters! Just like ye olden days.

Now you have a great profile photo and you're ready to Takl some jobs! 

Photo I.D. Guidelines:
Your photo I.D. must be a current and valid government-issued I.D. This includes but is not limited to, a driver’s license, passport, or state-issued I.D. Please make sure that your photo, full name, and date of birth are clearly displayed on the I.D. before you upload it.


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